february 2016

so here we are closing out our fourth month of operations. what an incredible journey thus far. i can only imagine what the rest of this year will bring.

as promised, starting in january 2016, a ‘free play’ drawing will happen every time we have 10 full tables. thus far I am happy to report we have awarded 2 free plays this year. AND if we have 12 full tables, we will draw two names.

on thursday march 24th we will have a club championship game and you can earn DOUBLE masterpoints. wow, double your fun!

beginning in april, the santa rosa bridge gallery will begin a “post game pondering” session after their monday afternoon games. ask david pankratz questions regarding your play, bidding or any other questions pertinent to that mondays’ game.

a reminder to all, we are a zero tolerance club. be kind to your partner (even if he trumps your good trick), be kind to your opponents, be kind to your director (he won’t bite you, so please, don’t bite him) and be kind to yourself (so you miscounted trump) …….. we are here for fun. yes, I know it is competitive, but is it worth 280/120?

for those of you going off to reno in march, have super cards! let me know how you did; I want to announce it.

let’s play bridge!


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