after a nightmare

i received this poem after a frustrating day.  the new scoring machines appeared possessed and made a catastrophic error.  although i figured it out, it was yet another learning experience.  what have i taken on?  what was i thinking back in june 2015?  with my shoulder in a sling awaiting surgery, armed with 3 wonderful friends (jan, lynda, irma and chuckie too) we ventured into a new frontier.  opening our doors on november 5th we had no idea the ups and downs we were about to face. the ups definitely outweigh the downs because of all the moral support PBC has received.  it’s folks like you all that make this worthwhile.  here is a poem i received this morning, many thanks jan:

An Ode to Karen
Oh, Great Nerd in the Sky, please tell me why?
I’m having too many problems, even though I try….

My friends tell me to be patient, that I’ll find a way
A reminder that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a Day’……

Learning a new program that requires skill
I can overcome the problems, and I will….

WiFi’s, Tablets, Card Shuffling printouts
Sometimes I just want to shout….

Like “The Little Engine that Could”
I think I can, I know I can,
I think I have a Plan
And, I can do most anything
If I only think I can……

Oh, Great Nerd in the Sky, you’re showing me
How to manage what I cannot see….

And, one day real soon, I’ll be able to say,
I knew I could, I knew I could, and have a Great Day

Especially for you,



One Comment on “after a nightmare

  1. Great Poem… true…..I know you can Karen….just remember to take deep breaths when the kindle gods aren’t working for you on any particular day…..

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