A big congratulations to Wayne Kaneko – he just earned his points for RUBY Life Master !! WTG, Wayne

Congratulations to Frances and Jim O’Brien (72.48%) and Nancy Gunn and Bob Klein (72.82%) 70%+ games today during our combined International Charity and REACH events today.  Lots of Red/Black point awarded and for some lucky folks a chance for GOLD.

We have a most supportive club with players bringing extra food (Maureen, where did you get those grapes?) and Cecelia, please give us your recipes for the cran/apple/walnut cake.  All those who help clean up (Brian and Richard – you guys are awesome) a special thanks.  When we all pitch in by bringing bidding boxes to the front, cleaning up our messes, returning table mats, kindles, pencils to the front, we are through in no time.  We are particularly blessed by having the ‘bestest’ director ever, Cecelia, thank you for your support.

Thank you all !  PBC is growing because of your support……. i am humbled

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