May 20th Unit Game

Yesterday was a spectacular day for PBC.  We had our first ever Unit Game. I love firsts because we can make mistakes, and no one judges. Well I must brag  though ……… I don’t think we had any goofs.  Cecelia was on top of her game as our Director.  She ran a smooth game. We had nine full tables. But the food, OMG!  Our players put on quite a spread. Three kinds of sandwiches, from tuna to chicken and ham to curry chicken salad. The salads included, Cowboy Confetti salad (recipe to follow), mac and cheese salad (Patsy, I want that recipes), Cecelia’s Cole slaw, yummy and more.  There were appetizers of cheese and crackers, meat balls (loved the BBQ sauce) and other delicious foods. Desserts were also good, but I have to say, those mini chocolate brownies drizzled in fresh raspberries have me still on a cloud.
So ok, it was not a goof but one of the coffee pots expired before we could get any coffee. But if that’s the worst that happened I am a happy camper.  For yesterday’s game results on line go to: then click ‘here’ under the game results tab and then click ‘go’ under month and year. This is where you see that Chuck and Patsy came in first for C’s E/W. You guys did well! Lynn Blumenthal and Shelly Dunietz came in first N/S and Bob Klein and Sara Rothmuller came in first E/W. Our view overlooked the patio and lake but wow, we also witnessed a mother goose and her eggs. So precious.
PBC is looking forward to another event coming up in June.  The Longest Day is June 21st and we will rally for this benefit to support Alzheimer’s research.  We have been getting donations for the raffles and silent auction. Stay tuned for more information soon.

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