Old rule, New rule?

Did you know you must use an Alert Card even for announcements?  This is from the ACBL website under definitions:

ANNOUNCEMENT.  Part of the ACBL’s Alert procedure. An Announcement is
one word or a short phrase that tells the opponents directly the meaning of
partner’s call.  When bidding boxes are used, the “Alert” strip is tapped also.
For example,  after a natural 1NT opening bid, the partner of the bidder will
say aloud, “15 to 17.”

O’Briens Rock!

Congratulations Frances and Jim for your 72% game last Saturday

Cowboy Confetti Salad

Cowboy Confetti
2 cans shoepeg corn (yup, shoepeg)
2 cans black beans
1 can white beans
2 large tomatoes diced
2 avocados diced
1 bunch cilantro chopped (minced)
1 red onion minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
½ cup balsamic vinegar
Serve with tortilla chips or as side salad
* Drain the canned ingredients and rinse. Mix the other ingredients and enjoy
Recipe from: Patty Shribbs

May 20th Unit Game

Yesterday was a spectacular day for PBC.  We had our first ever Unit Game. I love firsts because we can make mistakes, and no one judges. Well I must brag  though ……… I don’t think we had any goofs.  Cecelia was on top of her game as our Director.  She ran a smooth game. We had nine full tables. But the food, OMG!  Our players put on quite a spread. Three kinds of sandwiches, from tuna to chicken and ham to curry chicken salad. The salads included, Cowboy Confetti salad (recipe to follow), mac and cheese salad (Patsy, I want that recipes), Cecelia’s Cole slaw, yummy and more.  There were appetizers of cheese and crackers, meat balls (loved the BBQ sauce) and other delicious foods. Desserts were also good, but I have to say, those mini chocolate brownies drizzled in fresh raspberries have me still on a cloud.
So ok, it was not a goof but one of the coffee pots expired before we could get any coffee. But if that’s the worst that happened I am a happy camper.  For yesterday’s game results on line go to: www.petalumabridgeclub.com then click ‘here’ under the game results tab and then click ‘go’ under month and year. This is where you see that Chuck and Patsy came in first for C’s E/W. You guys did well! Lynn Blumenthal and Shelly Dunietz came in first N/S and Bob Klein and Sara Rothmuller came in first E/W. Our view overlooked the patio and lake but wow, we also witnessed a mother goose and her eggs. So precious.
PBC is looking forward to another event coming up in June.  The Longest Day is June 21st and we will rally for this benefit to support Alzheimer’s research.  We have been getting donations for the raffles and silent auction. Stay tuned for more information soon.

What’s Coming to PBC?

MAY 10 and 12:  STaC week – This is a SILVER points event             $10
MAY 20:  Sunday Unit GameExtra black points, Lunch served      $10

JUNE 2:  PBC closed – The Community Center is closed for a special event   
JUNE 7:    NAP (North American Pairs) – almost double RED/BLACK points event    $9
JUNE 16:  NAP (North American Pairs) – almost double RED/BLACK points event    $9
JUNE 21:  The Longest Day charity event for Alzheimer’s research (more info to follow)    $10
JUNE 28:  NAP (North American Pairs) – almost double RED/BLACK points event    $9
JUNE 30:  NAP (North American Pairs) – almost double RED/BLACK points event    $9



A big congratulations to Wayne Kaneko – he just earned his points for RUBY Life Master !! WTG, Wayne

Congratulations to Frances and Jim O’Brien (72.48%) and Nancy Gunn and Bob Klein (72.82%) 70%+ games today during our combined International Charity and REACH events today.  Lots of Red/Black point awarded and for some lucky folks a chance for GOLD.

We have a most supportive club with players bringing extra food (Maureen, where did you get those grapes?) and Cecelia, please give us your recipes for the cran/apple/walnut cake.  All those who help clean up (Brian and Richard – you guys are awesome) a special thanks.  When we all pitch in by bringing bidding boxes to the front, cleaning up our messes, returning table mats, kindles, pencils to the front, we are through in no time.  We are particularly blessed by having the ‘bestest’ director ever, Cecelia, thank you for your support.

Thank you all !  PBC is growing because of your support……. i am humbled

FREE lessons with John

                              Doubles Series

Feb 3: Support Double & Responsive Double

Feb 10: Takeout Doubles overview

Feb 17: Takeout Doubles – responses

Feb 24: Takeout Doubles – rebids

March 18 (SUNDAY): Learn Bridge in a Day

March 24 and on: Beginner Lessons.


Starting February 3rd and all the week after, you could earn RED or GOLD points.  Just go to www.ACBL.org type in ‘REACH’ and sign up.  You need not be registered to just play for black points.

FREE lessons with John Shribbs

Most Saturdays from 11 to 11:30 am
Game to follow at noon

Doubles Series
Dec 30: Negative Doubles — Responder

Jan 6: No Lesson.
Jan 13: Negative Doubles — opener bid after negative double
Jan 20: Reopening Double when responder passes
Jan 27: Support Double; Responsive Double

Feb: Takeout Doubles. (several lessons)

March 24 and on: Beginner Lessons

March 18 (SUNDAY): Learn Bridge in a Day. Details to follow

Halloween 2017

Picture one shows three incredibly talented ladies.  They decorated, prepared and cleaned up.  I am beyond appreciation. 

Wanda handed out ‘trick or treat’ candy.  We had several prizes for best costume (won by Kim F.) and drawings.  The gifts were donated by Jan Lee, Lynda McGuire and Karen Rocco (all artists) also known as the clever ACBL chart, the Queen of hearts and the Bidding box.  



Tons of food from bloody fingers, vomiting pumpkins (hummus and guacamole) spider deviled eggs, eyeball stuffed mushrooms, Sangria just to name a few.  Can’t wait till next Halloween.  Or maybe we should plan another event like St. Patrick’s day.  Can I wait that long?